Painting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


1Are you licensed, bonded and insured and why should I care?
Some contractors flash numbers that look legitimate, but are they current or even their own? All The Walls is licensed by the State of Washington, #ALLWAW*948P4. In addition to state-mandated bonding requirements, we have general liability insurance, automobile liability coverage and workers compensation insurance. To create a safe work environment for our employees, we operate in compliance with WISHA and L&I safety regulations. We know that you can trust us, but check us out. We welcome comparison with other contractors – check them out, too!
2Washington State Labor & Industries advises:
“Unregistered contractors are a threat to both consumers and legitimate contractors. Unregistered contractors carry no bond or insurance to protect consumers. Consumers can face serious issues if anything goes wrong on a job.” Check if a contractor is registered and current at the contractor information line: 1-800-647-0982.
3Why should I hire All The Walls?
You want to hire a business that cares not just about your job now but about your next job and the referral that you will give. You want someone who will answer the phone when you call! Jean loves this industry and plans to be in it forever.
4Why do the estimates I get vary from one contractor to another?
There are a lot of variables: Are you describing and asking for the same things of each? Are the contractors including the same things – where do the bids differ? What is included in the prep work – pressure-washing, scraping, filling, caulking, texturing? Primer? How many coats of finish paint are needed to cover the current color? The quality of paint matters, too. Compare apples-to-apples so you don’t end up with a lemon: It is not uncommon to think of something extra or to change your mind when you talk with a contractor but did not think of it with another. To make an informed decision and avoid disappointment, compare the details. If something is not mentioned in an estimate, do not assume it will get done. Ask for clarification before signing a contract. You deserve to know why the estimates differ and to request an adjusted estimate. We will work with you to make it happen. Remember, labor is a large component – for a lasting finish, do not skimp on preparation or product. If the contractor is not licensed, bonded and insured, does the contractor really have the expertise, correct equipment and supplies to do your job right?
5Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the painters?
We ask our customers to remove small knick-knack items, pictures, and anything else they would rather handle themselves. We help move furniture and remove switch plates. We return those items to their correct locations upon completion.
6Will I save money if I buy the paint?
Contractors get special volume pricing from the paint manufacturers. However, if you’d like to purchase the paint yourself, Jean will estimate the amount you will need as closely as possible.
7Do you provide pressure-washing?
Yes, we pressure-wash before we begin each exterior job. We also offer maintenance cleaning of siding, decks and concrete surfaces.
8Can I have a color consultation without using your painting services?
Of course, color consultations are available without interior or exterior painting, at a reasonable rate. We have many customers who do their own painting (as well as other painting contractors) who call Jean for color assistance.
9Seasonal Painting
Most people wait until summer to call for exterior painting. With new manufacturing technology, exterior painting can begin in spring and continue until late fall. You do not have to wait to ask for an estimate. All The Walls can do an estimate at any time and be ready to paint your exterior as soon as conditions are favorable. Interior painting is year-round, but do not hesitate to call if you decide “a little late” to spruce up your interior for the holidays or a special occasion. We will be there for your quick “touch up” or full interior. Ahhh . . . warm interiors.
10Do you play well with other trades?
Yes, we are experienced working on the job with other trades and professionals – designers, stagers, contractors, building management, rental agents and realtors . . . without treading on toes. That is where many of my references come from. Cooperation and coordination is essential to customer satisfaction. We want you to be satisfied with both the process and the outcome.